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I am an economist specializing in health policy and applied microeconometrics. My current research is focused on the effect of public policy interventions in response to COVID-19, consumption of controlled substances, population aging and persistent health inequity. 

Hot off the press...


Employer-Sponsored Coverage Stabilized And Uninsurance Declined In The Second Year Of The COVID-19 Pandemic 


New in Health Affairs, with Kate Bundorf, Jessica Banthim and Christine Kim, we report that 8 million adults (19-64y) gained health insurance in 2021-22 in U.S., mainly from Medicaid/other pub. coverage, while employer-sponsored coverage stayed flat despite rising employment. Our results suggest that many currently on Medicaid may become ineligible when the public health emergency ends, particularly in Medicaid expansion states.


Here all about it in the recent episode of Health Podyssey podcast with Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil here!


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